Sweets of Mom

  • 6,00 €Café gourmand
    An Illy espresso accompanied by three mini desserts
  • 5,00 €Crème brûlée
  • 6,00 €Mont Blanc
    Chestnuts cream, meringues, whipped cream
  • 7,00 €Irish coffee
    Hot whisky and coffee, whipped cream.
  • 5,00 €Tiramisù
  • 6,00 €Sorbet drizzled
    Mirabelle, Raspberry and Lemon (Brandy Raspberry, plum or Marc de Gewurztraminer)
  • 6,00 €Dame blanche
    Vanilla ice cream, melted chocolate and whipped cream
  • 5,00 €Pie of a day
    Plums-streusel, apple Tatin... A new pie for each day!
  • 6,00 €Fondant au chocolat
    Cooking a minute, a little patience for a delicious moment

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